Sugartime – Hello Mary Lou – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart – 24K Gold Music Shows

This video features three songs performed by the 24K Gold Music Shows beginning with the six singer-dancers doing the McGuire Sisters’ version of “Sugar Time”, followed by Doyle singing the lead on “Hello Mary Lou”. The final song is from the 70’s and was written and released by The Bee Gees.

“Sugartime” was written by Charlie Phillips and Odis Echols and published in 1957. The biggest hit version was by the McGuire Sisters.

The McGuire Sisters, a girl group formed by real life sisters: Ruby, Dorothy and Phyllis McGuire rose to popularity in 1952 and they continued singing together until 1968. However, they would regularly come out of retirement and perform together, entertaining fans for many decades. They dazzled their audiences with matching costumes and wonderful harmonies. The sisters were well known to be very close friends. They are one a very few groups that has the distinct honor of performing for five U.S. Presidents and also Queen Elizabeth ll.

Gene Pitney wrote “Hello Mary Lou” and was first recorded by Johnny Duncan in 1960. Later, in 1961 Ricky Nelson released his version and it peaked at number 9 on the charts. There have been several releases of “Hello Mary Lou” including the Statler Brothers in 1985 which reached number 3 on the country charts. This song has always an audience favorite as we take the best from each rendition and mix it together to create our cover version of “Hello Mary Lou”.

“How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” is a song written mainly by Barry and Robin Gibb and was their first number 1 single in 1971. The Bee Gees were formed by three brothers, Maurice, Barry and Robin Gibb and became iconic in the late 1970’s for their unique disco sound. They enjoyed a successful, long running music career together beginning in 1958. The trio performed together until 2003. They have sold over 200 million records worldwide, making them one of the best-selling groups of all time.

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