Somewhere Over the Rainbow – What A Wonderful World – 24K Gold Music Shows

24K Gold Music Shows is happy to present this live concert video of two wonderful old songs from the past. This presentation of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “What A Wonderful World” comes in an updated style and tempo together with the beautiful choreography and caped costumes to make a delightful version of these two songs.

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, sung by Judy Garland, was written in 1938 for the motion picture, The Wizard of Oz. It became the signature hit for both Judy and the film.

“What A Wonderful World” was written specifically for Louis Armstrong, who released the song in 1967. It was a number one hit song in the UK but Armstrong’s record label executives did not like the song so they did not promote it in the US. Promoted or not, the song went on to become a beloved all-time classic hit from the past.

The entire 24K Gold Music Show team hopes that you enjoy this video presentation.

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