Silhouettes (On the Shade) – 50’s Golden Oldies – Doo Wop Classic Hit Song – Live Show – 24K Gold Music Shows

“Silhouettes On The Shade” is one of those classic oldies that draws us back to an entirely different time. The song sends us on an emotional roller coaster ride as it tells the story of a young man that takes a walk past his girl’s house just to get a glimpse of her. He sees two silhouettes on the shade and he thinks he has found his girl with another guy. He tells of the tears that well up in his eyes. He says it is more than he can stand, so he goes up to the door and rings the bell. When the door swings open he tells of his shock to realize he was on the wrong block; it was the wrong house! His heart is over-joyed as he corrects his mistake, joins his girl, and they become “Silhouettes On The Shade”.

“Silhouettes On The Shade” was written by Bob Crew and was originally released by The Rays in 1957. It has been recorded and released by several other famous groups including the very popular Herman’s Hermits. We hope you enjoy our video as 24K Gold Music Shows adds a special flair to our version of, “Silhouettes On The Shade”.

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