Silhouettes On the Shade – 24K Gold Music Shows

“Silhouettes” was written by Bob Crew who took inspiration from seeing a couple’s silhouette on the shade while passing by. “Silhouettes” was originally recorded by The Rays in 1957. It is a light-hearted song about a guy that is at the wrong house! He sees a couple casting a silhouette on the shade and thinks his love has found another just to realize he has made a mistake. Another interesting mistake surrounds this song; recorded in Philadelphia, a local DJ took the newly released recording and fell asleep while it was playing. This caused “Silhouettes” to be played all night long, drawing attention to the newly-released single. Chances are really good “Silhouettes” would have been successful without the extra air time, as it has become a standard in oldies favorites. Many other artists have successfully released “Silhouettes” including Hermans Hermits with their version which reached number 5 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in 1965.

24K Gold Music Shows has taken inspiration from several different releases for our fun-filled rendition of “Silhouettes”.

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