Quando, Quando, Quando – Via Con Dios – Cara Mia – 24K Gold Music Shows

This video is a three song set that 24K Gold Music Shows performed together in several shows. It was commonly called, “The Spanish Set” by our team even though we all knew two of the songs were originally done in Italian. The name was derived from the girls costumes. The lovely Spanish styled dress worn by the girls for this set were handmade by our team and included many yards of fabric in each skirt. The girls wore the beautiful, yet heavy skirts, and danced like they were made of feathers.

“Quando, Quando, Quando” was originally released in Italy in 1962. Pat Boone recorded and released his version with a mix of Italian and English the same year. The most well known English version of this song was released by Engelbert Humperdinck in 1968. Many famous artists have recorded versions of this beloved classic.

“Vaya Con Dios” was made popular by the legendary guitarist, Les Paul, and his wife, Mary Ford. The couple released. “Vaya Con Dios” in 1953. This successful recording rose to number one on Billboards Hot 100 and held the spot for eleven weeks.

“Cara Mia” was first released in 1954 by Englishman David Whitfield. Well before the British Invasion into American pop music his popular release of “Cara Mia” was notably number one on both the US and the UK charts at the same time. Jay and the Americans released their cover version of “Cara Mia”in 1964 and it peaked at number 4 on the charts. “Cara Mia” eventually became known as their signature hit.

The entire 24K Gold Music Show team sincerely hopes that you enjoy this special video presentation.

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