In My Room – Elvira – 24K Gold Music Shows

The Three Generation Quartet composed of Doyle, his son – Denny, and Denny’s two sons – Matthew (high tenor) and David (bass) perform on these two songs. The first song, “In My Room”, is a Beach Boys’ tune which is very nostalgic. Interestingly, “In My Room peaked at number 23 on the charts in 1963 but was later included in Rolling Stone’s, The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list. The song was written by Gary Usher and Beach Boy’s, Brian Wilson. It is said they actually wrote the song in Brian’s bedroom in just under an hour. Many artist have released cover versions of the song but none have ever matched the top notched vocal harmonies given to us by the Beach Boys.

The second song is “Elvira”, which was a song constantly requested throughout the years of 24K Gold Music Shows performances. Folks love David on the bass. As in days of yore, the fans would scream when David sang “oom pa pa mow mow”. The guys put their all into their singing and the fans felt a special connection there.

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