I Only Want To Be With You – 24K Gold Music Shows

In 1964 Dusty Springfield released the single, “I Only Want To Be With You”. This was the first single of her solo career and it was to become her signature hit. Dusty’s vocals were second to none as her clean crisp sound and near perfect intonation propelled her 40-year musical career into stardom. “I Only Want To Be With You” was chosen for Dusty for its upbeat tempo and modern sound. Before launching her solo career she sang with her singer, songwriter, brother Tom, in a group called The Springfields. Together in the group they enjoyed moderate amount of success but as brother and sister they shared a lifelong relationship. Born Mary O’Brien, Dusty’s stage name came from the neighborhood kids. She was a tomboy growing up and would play football with the boys until she actually was, “Dusty”.

In our 24K Gold Music Show video Tammy takes the lead and makes “I Only Want To Be With You” her own. Tammy’s Lady Legend numbers always led her to her husband, Tim as she was always happy to share the fact they were sweethearts from a young age and have been married for many years. In this video she tells that they have been married for 25 years but the years keep going by and Tim and Tammy are still enjoying their married life together.

Please join Tammy and the entire 24K Gold Music Show team for our cover version of, “I Only Want To Be With You”.

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