I Get Around (Beach Boys Cover) – 24K Gold Music Shows

Take five very talented guys – three brothers, a cousin, and a best friend – and you have the recipe for the highly successful rock group, the Beach Boys. Beginning in California in the 1960’s as a garage band they were managed by the three Wilson brothers’ father, Murry. Murry was not happy with the musical choices the young men were making so he was “let go” due to the generation gap. The young men’s career flourished and they rolled out hit after hit. They have sold over 100 million records worldwide and have had 36 songs to chart in the top 40 with 4 of them reaching the number one spot. “I Get Around” was their first song to take the honors as number one.

Please join us for this video clip of 24K Gold Music Shows 3 Generations Quartet as they perform their cover version of “I Get Around”.

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