I Get Around – Elvira – 24K Gold Music Shows

24K Gold Music Shows features our very own three generation quartet performing a cover of two classic hit songs.

Released as a single in 1964, “I Get Around” was the Beach Boys’ first number one hit. The Beach Boys were known for their tight vocal harmonies and their California surf sound. They enjoyed a long and successful music career. “I Get Around”, was one of the first songs that added a bit of fuzz tone and reverb from the guitar amps. That sound would forever change rock and roll music. Noted as one of the best singles ever released “I Get Around”, sold more than two million copies and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2017.

‘Elvira’, was recorded and released by The Oak Ridge Boys in 1981 and is now considered their signature song. It is hard for one to know how such a light hearted song with lyrics of “Om Papa Mow Mow” can be so much fun but somehow this song makes a way into one’s heart.

24K Gold Music Shows came to know that their fans absolutely loved “Elvira”, as it was one of the most requested songs in our line-up.

Please join the 24K Gold Music Shows Three Generations Quartet and the entire team as we present this fun filled cover version of “Elvira”.

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