Devoted to You – How Deep Is Your Love – Cara Mia – 24K Gold Music Shows

24K Gold Music Shows performs a special set featuring three very popular songs in music history.

Included is the tender love song and 1958 hit, ‘Devoted to You’. It was originally sung by the Everly Brothers, Don and Phil Everly, who began their career in the 1950’s. The brothers provided vocal harmonies that are still today thought to be some of the best ever recorded.

‘Devoted To You’ was released in 1958 as the B side to the brothers’ famous ‘Bird Dog’, which reached #1 on the country charts while ‘Devoted to You’, climbed to #7. ‘Devoted to You’ has also been covered by many famous artists including James Taylor and Carly Simon, The Beach Boys, Linda Ronstadt, and many more.

The Bee Gees Grammy award winning love ballad, ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ was released in 1977. It ranked #1 on the charts for 3 weeks and stayed in the top ten for 17 weeks.

The iconic Bee Gees began their career in the late 1950’s. Their early days were met with a mediocre amount of success but true stardom was achieved when the group entered the disco scene. Their unique vocal sound was achieved by the brothers blending their voices to sound as if it was one singer.

24K Gold Music Shows also performs the 1965 song ‘Cara Mia’ by Jay and the Americans. The title is Italian and it means “my beloved’”. Cara Mia peaked at #4 on the charts. This widely popular power ballad is remembered for its long holds and catchy tune.

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