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Marty Robbins is still known as one of the most popular and successful country and western singer/songwriters of all time. He enjoyed a musical career that spanned over 40 years.

Marty enlisted in the US. Navy during WW ll and learned to play the guitar while stationed in the Pacific Islands. When returning home from his military service he began playing at local nightclubs. His work at the nightclubs soon took him to the local radio station and he eventually also appeared on a local television show, “Western Caravan”. While visiting the radio station, Little Jimmy Dickens heard Robbins and put him in touch with his record label which was the beginnings of his long and successful career.

Marty went on to record 100’s of songs many of which he wrote himself. He had 94 songs that made Billboard’s Hot Country chart. He won 2 Grammy Awards, one in 1960 for his signature hit, ‘El Paso’ and also one in 1970 for his tribute song to his wife Mari, ‘My Woman, My Woman, My Wife’. He was a member and regular performer of the Grand Ole Opry. He also hosted his own television show, Marty Robbins Spotlight. Each of the 26 episodes featured his famous friends and colleagues from the world of country music.

Marty had a love for Nascar and was a successful race car driver. He had six top 10 finishes while racing the Nascar circuit. His last race was only one month prior to his death.

While living his very busy life Marty Robbins suffered from cardiovascular disease. He had his first heart attack in 1969 while on his tour bus in Ohio. In 1970 he received one of the first successful triple bypass surgeries. In 1982 he would receive another bypass surgery, this time a quadruple one. Marty would never recover and sadly, he died 6 days later.

24K Gold Music Shows performs an entertaining three song set, paying tribute to the legendary Marty Robbins. We feature the 1962 classic hit written by Marty himself, ‘Devil Woman’ which made both the country and pop charts.

Robbins third number one hit from 1957, ‘A White Sport Coat’ was his most famous love song as young and old everywhere could relate to the lyrics and enjoyed the upbeat tempo. Marty wrote the song while on his way to a performance when he passed a high school and he saw the kids all dressed and ready to begin their prom.

‘Don’t Worry About Me’ was Marty’s the seventh number one hit on the country charts. It is also notably the first song to include “fuzz tone”. While recording the song the channel on the control mixer for the bass guitar blew a fuse. This created a different sound and Marty decided to leave the recording as it was. The sound is now an industry standard for much of the guitar music heard today.

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