Cara Mia – 24K Gold Music Shows

In this video, 24K Gold Music Shows presents Cara Mia. This song was always a fan favorite. Doyle always put his all into the vocal presentation, and the girls added a lot of style and flavor with their beautiful costumes and “dancing fans”.

“Cara Mia”, Italian for my beloved, was sung by Jay & the Americans (1965) and David Whitfield (1954) as well as numerous other musical artists. Whitfield’s version sold more than three-and-a-half million copies. Mantovani’s string orchestra played on his version. He performed the song on The Ed Sullivan Show making David Whitfield one of the first British singers to make an impact in the US. He became the first ever British male singer to be awarded a Gold Disc.

Jay and the Americans have had three different “Jays” along the way. The group is still performing and Jay Black (number 2, aka David Blatt) was still performing “Cara Mia” well into his sixties.

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