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On December 6, 1988 we lost one of the greatest oldies performers of all time at the early age of 52. In the last years of his career, Elvis himself referred to Roy Orbison as the greatest singer in the world. Other performers have contributed similar accolades to Roy’s credit through the years.

Roy’s life was scarred by a great deal of pain which brought a lot of emotion to his singing. In 1966 he lost his first wife, Claudette, in a motorcycle accident. Two years later a fire in his Nashville home took the lives of two of his three children.

Roy was a different kind of performer from many others, and he left us with many unforgettable songs. No one has ever mastered his unforgettable voice. However, we feel his songs are still widely popular today and we hope you enjoy our cover version of Roy’s 1961 #1 hit, Candy Man.

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