California Sun – 24K Gold Music Shows

There are some very interesting facts surrounding the oldies hit song, “California Sun”. It was written by Henry Glover but later record producer Morris Levy added his name as a co-writer. The first release of the song in 1961 was not successful. The Riverea’s cover of this song in 1964 was the most successful but it only reached number 5 on Billboard’s top 100. The song stayed at number five for 10 consecutive weeks. As soon as the song was released lead singer, Marty “Bo” Fortson left for the Marines. He was replaced but the band soon went their separate ways as being a rock musician was frowned upon as compared to a college education and a more respectable career by many of the boy’s parents. The song has remained and even gained in popularity as the years have gone by. It has been covered by many famous artists and used in a variety of ways in marketing and motion pictures.

Our 24K Gold Music Show video should come with the viewer warning: Caution this video contains high amounts of energy, lots of smiles, 6 girls singing, and our junior dancers! As the band recreates the oldies sound of the past Jeannie and the girls will warm your heart in this fun filled video of, “California Sun”.

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