Burning Love – Silver Threads and Golden Needles – 24K Gold Music Shows

24K Gold Music Shows performs the popular high impact, energetic hit song, ‘Burning Love’ covered and brought to fame by Elvis Presley. The original song was recorded by the late country soul artist, Arthur Alexander. His version was received well but as with so many of the songs he did, Elvis took the song and made it bigger and better. It gave rise to the famous “hunka, hunka” line that is so often associated with him. Elvis recorded and released the song in 1972. During this period of his life, while going through the breakup with his wife Priscilla, Elvis leaned more toward love gone bad kind of songs than the upbeat emotions conveyed in ‘Burning Love’. He was convinced by those close to him to record the song. It became his last major hit as it reached the number two spot on Billboards Hot 100 Hits. ‘Burnin Love’ also became his most successful hit since his super smash, number one hit single, ‘Suspicious Minds’.

‘Silver Threads and Golden Needles’ has been recorded and successfully released by many famous artists including The Springfields and Skeeter Davis. In 1973 Linda Ronstadt recorded this song for a second time and it was released as a single that reached the top 20 on the country charts. 24K Gold Music Shows revisits all of these versions and compiles an energetic rendition of Silver Threads and Golden Needles!

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