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As his time in the Army began to come to an end, preparations for new recordings were taking place here at home. Elvis’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, was gathering material for Elvis to record. RCA Records was updating their recording studio with the newest, cutting edge equipment including a three-track recording system and state of the art microphones. “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” was chosen by Col. Parker as it was said to be his wife’s favorite song. The song was written in 1926 by Lou Handman and Roy Turk and had been recorded many previous times. Elvis decided to record the song with the lights out. He did two takes of the song and then asked that they not continue because he did not feel he could do the song justice. One more take was made and the final version was rendered from those three recordings. Interesting to note, the recordings from the lights out session include the Jordanaires bumping their microphone and Elvis bumping into a chair. The song was released and debuted on the charts at number forty. The next week it had climbed to number two and the following week it topped the charts and remained at number one for six consecutive weeks.

24K Gold Music Shows had a large repertoire of hits, but it was always the Elvis portion of the show that the fans looked forward to. Many of our lady fans would say that our version of, “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” sent them reeling back to their teens when they would listen to the smash hit on the radio or play the 45 record over and over again. We truly hope you enjoy our video of, “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”

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