My God Is Real – Down From His Glory – 24K Gold Music Shows

During the ten years that 24K Gold Music Shows performed across central Florida we met many wonderful people. As we got to know many of them, we realized that they too had a great love for gospel music. As a very special addition to the show, we would sometimes add a gospel number. In this particular show we did a two song gospel set. The first song on this video clip is “My God Is Real”, written by Kenneth Morris in 1944. Cheryl takes the lead on this beloved gospel song and the girls add the backing vocals for a very upbeat and heartfelt version.

The second song in this video is “Down From His Glory”, written by William E. Booth-Clibborn in 1921. This song takes its tune from the Italian folk song, “Ole Sole Mio”. Doyle and the girls perform a powerful, emotional version of this old time favorite.

We hope you enjoy our versions of these two gospel songs!

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