Martha and the Vandellas (Medley) – 24K Gold Music Shows

24K Gold Music Shows performs a tribute of songs from the very popular female vocal group formed in 1957, Martha and the Vandellas.

Musical groups get there names from a variety of places. For Martha and the Vandellas… it is easy to see where the Martha came from, as Martha Reeves was the group’s lead singer. No one in the group was named Vandella; so where did the Vandellas come from? As the story goes, the girls took the first part of the name Van from Van Dyke St. in their hometown of Detroit and added Martha’s favorite singer name, Della Reese, to form the name Vandellas. When the group of high school friends started out, success was not instant. But, little by little, the girls sang their way into the hearts of music lovers young and old. Martha and the Vandellas became one of the most successful girl groups of the 1960’s era. The group enjoyed over 20 charted songs, six of which reached the top ten on Billboard’s Hot 100 hits.

In this video clip 24K Gold Music Shows presents a medley of hits from Martha and the Vandellas: “Dancing in the Streets”, “Heatwave”, “Nowhere To Run”, and “Jimmy Mack”. The girl’s feature presentations were always a highlight in the shows. Costumes were chosen to represent the era and sometimes were duplicates of costumes actually worn by the artists themselves. Dance moves done by the groups were also incorporated into the numbers. The music, the lighting, the costumes, and the dance moves all come together for our fans’ enjoyment in this video clip of Martha and the Vandellas medley.

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