Let’s Twist Again – Devil Woman – 24K Gold Music Shows

Thinking back to the oldies era will bring images of teen-aged girls in their poodle skirts, guys in their straight legged jeans that were rolled above the ankle, both in their high school sweaters, doing the twist. Chubby Checkers released, “The Twist” in 1960 and it became an all time classic. “The Twist” was such a big hit that the following year, Chubby released “Let’s Twist Again”. “Let’s Twist Again” also saw a good amount of success as it rose to number eight on the charts and has become a favorite oldies tune.

In our cover version of “Let’s Twist Again” we ask, is it a bird, is it a plane? No! It’s Jeanine leading the girls in this fun-filled, action-packed video!

Country Music legend Marty Robbins wrote “Devil Woman”; it became the title track to his album and the single was released in 1962. It rose to number one on the country charts and remained there for eight weeks. “Devil Woman” starts out with the line that says. “I told Mari about her”. Mari was Marty’s real-life wife of 34 years until Marty’s passing, and his songs frequently referenced her. Marty wrote his hit single,”My Woman, My Woman, My Wife” which also took the number one spot on the charts.

Please join Doyle, the junior dancers, and the entire 24K Gold Music Show team in a classic version of “Devil Woman”.

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