VIDEO DESCRIPTIONS (live actors, figurines, some animation)

Many ask, "what kind of body will we have in heaven". Bible makes clear some details!
Up close lessons from Eagles,  just as the Bible portrays them,  to teach us about spiritual growth.
Many people, without realizing, seek after what the Bible calls "shadows" rather than the real JESUS!
An illustrated study (using special photo and video techniques) of the Prodigal son parable.
God's purpose in creating animals to use as symbolic pictures in the Bible.
The first few verses in the Bible are KEYS to truth, but most people sadly do not SEE that!
Most religions today contradict Jesus as to what being "born again" really means. IMPORTANT!
How does the devil fulfill the "roaring lion" picture Peter wrote about? We need to know this truth!
For thousands of years, religions have fought and condemned over dress "standards". WHY? 
The 23rd Psalm narrated and illustrated with video depictions of the scriptural story. 
Religious teachings today ignore multitudes of scriptures showing the ONLY way to be saved!
Pastor Doyle Armstrong narrates a poem he wrote years ago, to help in a time such as this.
A close examination of the parable of the sower, and lessons we need to learn. This study is presented in six segments, with each one exploring further into the truth from that parable.